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Uldum Accord

The Uldum Accord is a faction comprised mostly of Ramkahen battling against the forces of N'zoth in Uldum. N'zoth has begun exerting his influence across Azeroth and have corrupted the enemies of the Ramkahen, the Amathet. The Amathet are a tribe of Tol'vir that once sought to guard the machinations of the titans, including the Halls of Origination. They now seek to become one with the titans and have begun attacking the Halls of Origination and the Ramkahen across Uldum. While these two factions were already at odds with one another, the Amathet have become increasingly more hostile. The Ramkahen see themselves as the protectors of Uldum and seek to thwart the Amathet and N'zoth.

Contract: Uldum Accord (10 each)

New to Battle for Azeroth, contracts grant you an additional 10 reputation for any world quest completed. Contacts are made by Inscriptionists and can usually be bought in the Auction House. Only one contract can be active at a time and each contract lasts for 7 days.

Daily Quests (50 each)

Regardless of the assault, daily quests are available to aid the forces fighting N'zoth.

Assault Quest (75 each)

N'zoth will periodically assault Uldum resulting in several quests that can be completed each quest is worth 75 reputation points.

Battle Pet Quests (75 each)

One battle pet quest will be available each day requiring you to battle one of four different pets.

Uldum Accord Insignia (250 each)

Uldum Accord Insignia are an item that can be used to increase your reputation with the Uldum Accord. These are bind on account so they can be shared among alts.

Aqir / Amathet Assault Reward (500 each)

Completing the objectives for the Aqir or Amathet Assaults will award 500 reputation points.

Black Empire Assault Reward (1500 each)

Completing the objectives for the Black Empire Assault will award 1500 reputation points.