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Maruuk Centaur

The Maruuk Centaur are the centaurs that live on the Dragon Isles. They are exceptionally cranky, no doubt due to their home being named after dragons and not centaurs. Outwardly, they appear to be pretty chill with the dragons, knowing that they could make tasty snacks of the centaurs if they chose. Inwardly however, they are plotting to overthrow the dragons and rename their word the Centaur Isles.

Grand Hunt Tasks (15 each)

The centaurs are no joke when it comes to hunting as there is always a Grand Hunt running. Completing a task during the Grand Hunt is worth 15 reputation points.

Centaur Hunting Trophy (25 each)

Centaurs like to hunt. These trophies can be found from rares or stealing them from treasures and are worth 25 points each.

World Quests (50 each)

World quests are back, each with the potential to earn reputation as a reward for completion.

Dungeon Weekly Quests (250 each)

Each week you can get two dungeon weekly quests which require you to collect an item in a specific dungeon. Completing this quest grants you 250 reputation for one reknown faction.

Aiding the Accord (500 each)

This is a weekly quest requiring you to gain 4000 reputation points between the four reknown factions.