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Iskaara Tuskarr

A group of sentient walruses that enjoy fishing and eating. They are secretly agents of the nefarious Old Gods, hell bent on distrating you with the plights of the world by trying to convince you that all you need out of life is to catch and eat fish.

Sacred Tuskarr Totem (15 each)

Sacred Tuskarr Totems can be found throughout scattered about the Dragon Isles

Community Feast tasks (25 each)

The Community Feast event happens every three and a half hours and lasts for fifteen minutes. Each task you complete during the event is worth 25 reputation points.

World Quests (50 each)

World quests are back, each with the potential to earn reputation as a reward for completion.

Catch and Release (100 each)

Catch and Release is a quest where walruses ask you to catch 20 of a certain type of fish. Once per week, you can turn them in for 100 reputation points.

Dungeon Weekly Quests (250 each)

Each week you can get two dungeon weekly quests which require you to collect an item in a specific dungeon. Completing this quest grants you 250 reputation for one reknown faction.

Aiding the Accord (500 each)

This is a weekly quest requiring you to gain 4000 reputation points between the four reknown factions.

Community Feast (500 each)

This is a weekly quest that requires you to complete five tasks during the Community Feast event. Doing so is worth 500 reputation points.