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Dragonscale Expedition

The Horde and the Alliance are working together for a change and have stumbled upon the Dragon Isles. How they missed it with all those blimps flying around, I have no idea. Anyway, the Dragonscale Expedition is a group of explorers led by the Explorer's League to...well...explore the Dragon Isles. It likely won't be long until they find dragons. Unless this is a Columbus thinking he discovered India kinda situation.

Dragon Isles Artifact (25 each)

Dragon Isles Artifacts can be found throughout packs and piles of dirt throughout the Dragon Isles. Clean them up a bit before turning them in.

Ancient Vault Artifact (30 each)

Ancient Vault artifacts are dropped off raid bosses in the Vault of the Incarnates raid. The first turn in is worth 200 points but each subsequent turn in is worth 30 points.

World Quests (50 each)

World quests are back, each with the potential to earn reputation as a reward for completion.

Dungeon Weekly Quests (250 each)

Each week you can get two dungeon weekly quests which require you to collect an item in a specific dungeon. Completing this quest grants you 250 reputation for one reknown faction.

Aiding the Accord (500 each)

This is a weekly quest requiring you to gain 4000 reputation points between the four reknown factions.