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Court of Harvesters

The Court of Harvesters are a group of venthyr that carry seven medallions created by Sire Denathrius. These medallions contain a small fraction of Sire Denathrius' power. They also serve as a window of sorts, allowing Sire Denathrius to observe what kind of nonsense each Harvester is getting up to. The medallions also mark the Harvester as someone of authority. Initially, there were seven Harvesters but their number has dwindled to three.

Contracts (10 each)

Using a contract for a specific faction will grant an additional 10 reputation points for that faction for any world quest completed.

World Quests (75 each)

World quests grant 75 reputation points per world quests. There is no limit to the amount of world quests you can complete.

Weekly Quests (350 each)

Each week you can complete 6 weekly quests for a desired faction for 350 reputation points each.

Callings (1500 each)

Each day you can receive a calling from your covenant. Complete the calling and you will earn 1500 reputation points for your covenant.