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Ve'nari is a creature that lives in the shadows of the Shadowlands. She lives in the Maw and possesses the Book of Cyphers. Despite the dangerous creatures lurking the Shadowlands, Ve'nari has managed to survive on her own. Once she trusts someone, she will share her knowledge as well as useful items that will help navigate the Maw and the Torghast.

Special encounters (40 each)

Completing a special encounter inside the Maw is worth 40 reputation points

Daily Quests (75 each)

Daily quests are found in the Maw and are worth 75 reputation points each.

Rare mobs (80 each)

Killing a rare mob in the Maw awards 80 reputation points per rare

Maw Lore (100 each)

Enemies in the Maw can drop Maw Lore items. Turning them in are worth 100 reputation points each.

Wrath of Jailer event (250 each)

Completing a Wrath of Jailer event inside the Maw is worth 250 reputation points.

Weekly Quests (850 each)

Each week, you can complete two weekly quests worth 850 reputation points each.