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Deaths Advance

The factions of the Shadowlands have had enough of the Jailer's shenanigans and have finally teamed up to address this issue they couldn't figure out was actually a problem until a bunch of mortals showed up and were like, "Uh...guys...?" The Death's Advance resides in Korthia and are looking to take out the Jailer in the Sanctum of Domination.

Tormentors of Torghast (100 each)

Kel'thuzad misses his nap and sends out the Jailer's forces for this event.

Daily Quests (125 each)

Daily quests are back and better than ever! Each day, somewhere between three and five daily quests will be available.

Reputation Token (175 each)

Daily quests will occasionally award a reputation token upon completion.

Stolen Korthian Supplies (200 each)

Rares inside the rift can drop Stolen Korthian Supplies. You can turn it in once a week.

Tormentor's Cache (200 each)

The first time you complete the Tormentors of Torghast event, you will receive one of these as a reward.

Containing the Helsworn (200 each)

This weekly world quest involves killing a bunch of things.

Helsworn Battle Plans (200 each)

Killing Helsworn mobs sometimes drops Helsworn Battle Plans which can be turned in once a week.

Covenant Assaults (350 each)

Each week you can complete two covenant assaults in the Maw.

Shaping Fate (750 each)

Shaping Fate is a weekly quest available that has you do different things in the Maw and Korthia

Reputation Token (1000 each)

The reward for completing the Containing the Helsworn world quest sometimes rewards a reputation token