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The Enlightened

Once upon a time, a group of brokers (not the Shadow Broker from Mass Effect) found the realm of Zereth Mortis. Upon arriving, and having just seen Point Break, they remarked, "Whoa! Dude........" and decided to stop stealing crap and dedicate their lives to the "First" ones. Assuming they are in fact the "First" ones and there isn't something or someone that came before the First Ones.

Rares (10 each)

Rare mobs can be killed inside Zereth Mortis and will award rep once per day per rare

World Quests (125 each)

There are three world quests in Zereth Mortis

World Boss (500 each)

There is a world boss that you can kill once a week, similar to the rotating world bosses in Shadowlands

Patterns with Patterns (1250 each)

Similar to Shaping Fate in Korthia, this quest can be obtained once a week and requires you to do activities in Zereth Mortis